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Building the best customer experience in the industry

Our mission

Redefining instant logistics — with industry-leading customer experience via our patented dual-drone solution.

Our goal

Happy customers achieved via the fastest, cheapest, most user-friendly mode for instant delivery.  

Drones have the potential to deliver 5x faster and cheaper than current delivery modes. But they need to be big (around 8 feet wide) to carry 5-10 lbs packages. The biggest complaints from early customers so far are that these big delivery drones are really intimidating when they hover right above homes during package drop-off, and they make an infuriating, helicopter-level noise.


We unlock the true potential of drone delivery by combining the high performance of a large, weather-resistant drone with the accessibility of a small, quiet auto-stabilizing droid. We keep our delivery drones high in the sky where they’re barely seen and heard.  Then, we quietly and discreetly lower a smaller droid into yards and balconies (as small 2 ft x 2 ft) — maintaining this precision even in strong wind gusts up to 20 mph.

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Our Story

Dr. Usman (Chief Innovation Officer) and Yoyo Au (Chief Technology Officer) grew up competing against each other in various math and science competitions. Their rivalry turned into a partnership in high school when they discovered a shared passion for building and flying drones. Their 30+ years of collective experience with drones helped them develop Kyte’s proprietary dual-drone solution.

Han C. Choi (CEO) and Dr. Usman met while working together at Virgin Hyperloop, where Han handled technology partnerships and intellectual property (IP) transactions. With a diverse background as a Stanford engineer, Wharton MBA, and IP lawyer, Han recognized the burgeoning $50B opportunity in drone delivery — and realized Kyte's innovative dual-drone solution was the key to unlocking the market's full potential.

James Kwon (Director of Business Development) brings a unique blend of skills to the team as a Wharton MBA, successful restaurateur, and finance professional. Through his decade-long career in the restaurant industry, he is deeply familiar with the pain merchants face with delivery/service fees on food delivery platforms. Motivated to address these issues, he joined Kyte to champion its groundbreaking solution, aiming to create win-win outcomes for both end customers and merchants.



Han C. Choi JD/MBA

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Irfan-ur-rab Usman PHD

Chief Innovation Officer


Yoyo Au M. ENG

Chief Technology Officer


James Kwon MBA

Director of Business Development


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